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How can green'it help me achieve a more eco-friendly life?

Do you wish to invest yourself for the planet?

Do you want to consume more responsibly?

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We help you having a responsible consumption

We offer a range of Partner organizations selling goods and services that help us reduce our carbon footprint. All the organizations selected meet specific criteria (quality, green commitment, ethics…). Thanks to these criteria, users will be able to find a list of companies that can meet their needs.

We help you translating your values into actions

We offer a collection of sustainability focused in order to give our time to the environment. All the events selected meet specific criteria (quality, green commitment, ethics…). Thanks to precise search criteria (location, date, recurrence, duration) users will be able to find an event that suits them.

We select Green organizations

Discover a network of enterprises which are verified to be engaged in sustainable consumption, as well as to a range of green associations that are looking for help in environment protection activities.


Our goal is to make your searches easier and faster

We are creating a more accessible and convenient eco-friendly lifestyle. You will have access to synthetic, quality and centralized information.