green'it - Our charter

Our charter

By registering on green'it, organizations commit themselves to respecting our values. Our ambition is to develop a new reference system and to award the green'it label to each organization present on our site.


At green'it we are in favor of local commerce which favors local jobs and limits the carbon footprint. Local commerce also contributes to the reinforcement of the social link. Far from being purely commercial, the exchanges are above all relational: the shopkeepers are privileged interlocutors, often having in heart to build durable links with their customers; the shops are places of meeting.


We select organizations that dare to be transparent. Organizations that claim their know-how, that are proud of their work, their products, and their means of production. And who share similar values to green'it. We believe that it is essential to know the story behind each of the organizations' products and services. It is essential to know the origin, the composition and the production method.